The Worth of a Challenge

If you give a child a fish, you feed him for a day.
If you teach a child to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.
But if you teach a child to learn, you feed him for a lifetime
and he doesn't have to just eat fish.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Fun At Nana and Papa's house

On winter break we decided to have some fun for ourselves and made a "gingerbread house" that looks more like a diabetic emergancy...lots of fun! The kids loved it and it tasted good too.

Maybe next year we'll use real gingerbread...hmmm...advanced planning may be required.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trying to join in...

I brought Ben with me when I went to volunteer(Jeff had a meeting he couldn't be excused from) He wanted to be out there with Jacob SO badly. When we got outside it was a wonderful picture moment so here he is.

Turkey Day Kinder Style

So Jacob had his kinder "thanksgiving" it was really cute.
Jacob's class dressed as natives and the other kinder class dressed as pilgrams.(on a side note the teacher with the blonde hair is the "former" teacher and the teacher with the dark hair and her head turned is the current super awesome teacher. Just so you have a visual *wink wink*)

Then they put on a small performance that included some songs and rhymes like "ten little turkeys"(similar to Ten Little Indians) and a they had a short skit about the first thanksgiving.

Then they had a little "feast" outside in the school yard.

Before they ate, they all had to say what they were thankful for and Jacob said he was thankful for his teacher. I think I am too!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The letter Nn and the words "like" and "my"

So Jacob had another wonderful day! Jacob has been working on the letter Nn and the words "like" and "my" this is next group of sight words he has been working on at school. I was also presented with a nice art project, a scarecrow made of construction paper. Tomorrow he will be having a thanksgiving party in his class. They have been learning about pilgrams and indians and about the first thanksgiving. I will hopefully remember my camera when I go to volunteer in the classroom.

Jacob's school photo

The waiting game

So usually about this time of day I find Benjamin(if he isn't taking a nap) wondering where Jacob is. It is proof that they actually like each other. Some people have asked me if I cried on the first day of school when I dropped Jacob off at the school yard. The answer is no, because I was too busy consoling Benji who was blubbering away wondering where his "Jakey" is. "Where's a Jakey" he says in his tiny yet insistant voice. "At school" I say. "Pick UP!" Benji says. "Not yet, it's not time" So then he sits by the door and cries and waits.

getting started....

This Mommy is going to college! 

So I am super excited to say that I am now going to publish both mine and Jacob's progress through school.
I know there are going to be lots of questions so lets see if I can answer some of them

  • Why am I going to college? Well for those of you who don't know I have been giving some free piano lessons on the side and have since realized I was doing an awesome job at it. I then thought to my self..."do I need a certificate or liscence to teach these kids?" 
  • Why a music/art degree? and What are you going to do with the music degree? I decided on getting a music and art because I can then be accredited to teach children art and music (and list my self in good conscience that I am indeed qualified to teach art and music)
  • So what started all of this? On wednesdays, Jacob's school lets out early and have half a day off. I thought there would be no sense in losing half a day. So I dreamed up some ideas to fill the time. The first one was learning a foreign language(which has been fun but slow going) and the other was to learn piano. I had no real formal training in piano but had some experience in music. So I got the Faber Primer books and talked to the guy at the music store and length and he seemed to think I (and Jacob) will be just fine on our own. Some how I ended up with more kids(whom I teach at no charge) and that is when I wondered if I needed to be "qualified"
So I am super excited. I know there will be ups and downs but I am sure that in the future as I receive my degree I will look back and see how worthwhile this was.