The Worth of a Challenge

If you give a child a fish, you feed him for a day.
If you teach a child to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.
But if you teach a child to learn, you feed him for a lifetime
and he doesn't have to just eat fish.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Curriculum for reading

So, you are saying to your self these oh so familiar words:

*I don't have time to put together reading lessons for my child
*I don't know where to begin
*I don't know how to "think" like a teacher
*I can't afford those kinds of resources

    I say look no further! I have the solution, but first a little trip down memory lane........

          The people at my house love music and in my pursuit to find music that is both free and printable for kids I came upon a website called kididdles and they are great. They have song lyrics and audio and printable song sheets for tons of kids songs and it's all FREE......well then they decided to launch a sister site. The sister site is called Reading Lessons. It's also geared toward young kids and it is marvelous. It is aimed to help your child learn to read write and spell. It has everything thing you and your child need to accomplish just that.

    We personally have used it as a supplement to the curriculum we are using now and really enjoy it very much. It gives a detailed plan of execution for the games lessons and activities and gives us all the printables we need. 

     There is one catch(isn't there always!) that some times they do use resources from a site called reading a-z and it is what I would consider pricey at $84.95 for a classroom of 1-9 kids for just one year. While I know that is cheap compared to many curriculums especially for this group size, free or next to free is really more of my market interest.

     Aside from that, most everything else is provided and is both delightful and fun and have my children asking to play the activities or sing the songs again and again. I also like that they do link you to a few sites that are no charge like Starfall. Not familiar with starfall.....stay tuned they will be featured next week.

    My bottom line: they are good, and mostly free and follow a good rounded progression...a good supplement for us but could serve as a good base for others.

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